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Salary Negotiation for DevOps with Josh Doody

The average engineer has, what, two dozen jobs in their lifetime? Compensation has a compounding effect over your career--$10k left on the table early in your career can easily become a million lost later in your career. That’s why I went to my good friend Josh Doody to get advice on effectively negotiating job offers.

Doing Interesting Work in Ops with Matty Stratton

I’ve always looked up to the Arrested DevOps Podcast since it started so many years ago, so I’m super excited to have this week’s guest: Matty Stratton. We talk about all sorts of fun stuff, such as how career progression isn’t linear, how we’ve accidentally fallen into doing interesting work, and much more.

DevOps in a 150 Year Old Nonprofit with Dan Barker

Trying to change directions in a 150-year-old organization is no easy feat. My guest this week is Chief Architect at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, a nonprofit body charged with helping organize and enable US state-level insurance commissioners. To stay on top of the industry, they’re doing a full technical overhaul of everything and it’s pretty interesting stuff.

The Value of DevRel and Writing Technical Books with Emily Freeman

Join Emily Freeman and I for a discussion about what it’s like to write a technical book (hint: it’s awful) and the role of DevRel in the industry.

Observability in Mega-Scale Banking with Greg Parker

Ever thought hard about your company’s observability strategy and the challenges you’re facing? What about if your company spanned 70 countries, 90,000+ employees, and you were a bank? My guest certainly thinks about this regularly. In this episode, I speak with Greg Parker, the head of the Enterprise Monitoring Services team at Standard Chartered Bank about what it takes to design and implement a global monitoring strategy in a complex environment.

The Business Value of Serverless with Yan Cui

Yan Cui, creator of the Production-Ready Serverless course and serverless consultant, joins us this episode to school Mike on serverless, talk about the real business value behind why an organization should be interested, and a whole lot of intricate details around this new paradigm.

Compliance and Risk Management For Fun and Profit with Elliot Murphy

Compliance and risk management gets a bad reputation in engineering circles: there’s the “it’s just unnecessary overhead!” camp and also the “risk management is just the Department of No” camp. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. In this episode of Real World DevOps, I’m joined by Elliot Murphy, CEO of KindlyOps, to talk about how compliance and risk management can be forces of good and how to do that work without the stress-inducing toil and headache.

Avoiding & Treating Burnout with Dr. Sherry Walling

Burnout, depression, and other mental health struggles are rampant in the Ops profession thanks to our long hours and intense job pressure, so I set out to talk to a professional clinical psychologist on the topic. Dr. Sherry Walling and I discuss what burnout is, how it happens, and what steps you can to avoid it or bring yourself (or a friend!) out of its clutch.

High-Performing SRE Teams with Dave Mangot

Dave Mangot joins Mike to give more thoughts and depth on his idea of “ops smells”: like the infamous “code smell,” Dave has identified a number of ops smells through his lengthy career in Ops/SRE. This episode covers a range of wonderful topics, including the dangers of outsourced ops teams, testing in production, and the value of consistency in your infrastructure.

Mockery-as-a-Service with Corey Quinn

Wherein Corey Quinn and Mike Julian pontificate about the dangers of perfect infrastructure, why multi-cloud is (probably) a dumb idea, and that your biggest risk in a large-scale disaster is your entire team quitting to help your competitor for 10x more money.

Troubleshooting in China with Steve Mushero

The wild world of systems in China may be different — and smaller — than you’d think. This episode’s guest is Steve Mushero, CEO of ChinaNetCloud and Siglos, who joins Mike to discuss the challenges and evolution of systems infrastructure in China. They also dig into what it could look like to standardize troubleshooting methods and the challenge of teaching troubleshooting to people.

Episode #001 - Databases and DevOps with Silvia Botros

The Database: the final frontier in the DevOps journey. Losing your company’s data would suck, but hand-crafted, artisanal database servers also sucks. What do you do? This episode’s guest is Silvia Botros, Principal DBA at SendGrid, who joins Mike to talk about the DBA silo, better tooling, the woes of schema management, and more.

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